How I Came Up With This Idea

You never know how much stuff you have that is no longer in use until you actually start cleaning your room. 2 weeks ago, I have to pack my stuff because I am going to move to a smaller flat in Hong Kong with my family. I wasn’t in Hong Kong in the past 6 years but still, a lot of memorable items, collections from my childhood have been “dug out” from pile of boxes; and I have to throw a lot of them away due to the fact that they are not easy to carry around, plus the new home is tiny. It is really a struggle for me as an item links to a piece of memory – either it’s good or bad – and I must clear out a lot of the boxes. So what I simply did was to take a picture of it.

Ever wonder what happened to others in a certain year of your lifetime? This is where you could find out what happened back in the 1990s! Culture, History, can all be found in this Pensieve.

A present from your first puppy love? Phewww post it here 😛

If it’s a sad memory, throw it up here like a drop-off place where you could let others on this platform to share your “burden”. It’s understandable to feel sad about something/someone, express it then. Trust me, it helps to just share it out. (Hey, but no offensive comments here!)

Another way is to put up your memory here, make a laugh about it & just fking move on!

Collecting your items, your story behind them now at



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